Quality label

Member companies benefit from our label, a guarantee of quality and accountability.

When you call on the services of a general contractor accredited by the Federation of Swimming Pool and Wellness Professionals, you benefit from in-depth follow-up and quality throughout your construction project. This is because the contractors who have been awarded our quality label are recognised for their high-quality work, based on a number of well-defined criteria:

  • These general contractors work mainly on building swimming pools and so know all of the tricks of the trade.
  • It takes proper qualifications to be a general contractor. The contractor coordinates every stage on site and controls the subcontractors who are allowed to work on the project. The general contractor must be able to demonstrate its certified authority to work in the profession and to substantiate its knowledge and expertise.
  • Every member contractor has a minimum of class 2 category D accreditation (or equivalent), which guarantees its technical abilities, financial capacity and professional integrity. For more information, click here.
  • The contractor undertakes to provide mediation conducted by an accredited mediator should there be a dispute with the consumer.
  • Every contract drawn up by a member contractor of the group offers clients a maintenance service and full “aftersales service”, with a minimum warranty of 2 years on parts and labour, as well as a 10-year guarantee for stability.

How do you recognise a contractor that is a member of the Federation of Swimming Pool and Wellness Professionals?

All of the contractors listed in the section headed “Find a contractor” have been awarded this quality label. Their logo is also required to be featured on the pool-builder’s website. Contact us if you have any questions.

Commitment and accountability are also other important parts of our group. These attributes are demonstrated mainly at the site (before, during and after construction) and can be seen from compliance with the contracts put in place and in the way each party takes the necessary distances from the others in the event of a dispute.

As a result, entrusting your project to one of our contractors is your guarantee of quality, trust and accountability.

However, should you experience difficulties with any of our contractors, do not hesitate to lodge a complaint with our federation, using the attached complaints form.

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