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The Belgian Federation of Swimming Pool and Wellness Professionals (FBP) brings together contractors involved in the construction and renovation of swimming pools (both traditional pools and swimming ponds), the manufacturers of swimming pools and wellness spaces and the distributors of the various products associated with the world of swimming pools.

Whatever the method of construction chosen, the contractors in question are capable of carrying out the entire project. This means the earthworks and foundations, plus other aspects of the construction process (structural work, special techniques and finishing) so that they can provide an overall result to the client.

We believe that both expertise and quality are essential. For this reason, only companies with the minimum financial capabilities and technical skills can be awarded membership status.

These strict conditions of access and approval provide clients with the optimum level of warranty and protection.

The Belgian Federation of Swimming Pool and Wellness Professionals itself is a member of the Federation of General Construction Contractors (FEGC), a Royal Society founded in 1881. The FEGC is made up of 17 local associations and brings together approximately 4,500 structural work and general contractors.

The FEGC is structured within the “Structural Works and General Contractors” Cluster of the National Construction Confederation. As such, its intention is to be an umbrella organisation for all of the federations, professional associations and companies operating in the trades of structural work, demolition and deconstruction, sanitation and recycling, foundations and concrete techniques, infrastructure, railways, industrial and residential work; general contractors and subcontractors, but also house builders and developers.

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